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In order to properly 'translate' our menu, a few terms to know:

Toms= tomatoes

Honey Chipotle Dressing: also referred to as 'sweet sauce'. This unique dressing is made t-o-t-a-l-l-y from scratch and has a sweet flavor profile with an epicurean blend that is the 'finishing' touch on our 'burrito-fusion' concept.. translation: it is really, really, really good : )

A-O-T-M-T-Y-W= A-lot-of-the-meat-that-you-want

Chorizo= one of the World's top 5 most Incredible-tasting sausages: this is a traditional Mexican blend possessing a Fantastic world-class flavor with a 'touch' of heat.. heat level of 3.5 when 'matched-up' against your basic 'pile of french-fries'.. and, oh, by the way, if you 'mix' this meat with the rest of our meat options you get a 'delicacy' (that cant be found within at least 60 miles* (un-official claim : D)..

BBQ: in the WHOLE broad and wide world of BBQ we are encamped in a foxhole in which we find ourselves perhaps unique "in-the-WHOLE-WORLD! Ok, full disclosure: we are just a small operation when compared to the Whole-WORLD, but even still, this BBQ is a must-try.

Traditionally hickory-smoked, but with an interesting plot-twist: our pork-butts are swimming in a unique Mexican pork marinade whilst smoking for 12-14 hours. Yeah... this BBQ is special and authentically Delicious!

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